How Technology Improves Casino Gambling

April 23, 2022 by No Comments


The rules of gambling in a casino are inherently biased against players. Whether a gambler wins a million dollars or loses a million dollars, the casino will always profit. Hence, it is impossible to play in a casino without knowing the house edge and variance of a particular game. These statistics are kept by gaming analysts and mathematicians. Since casinos don’t have in-house experts in these fields, they outsource them to outside experts.

In the past, casino security was mainly dependent on a person’s skill, but technology has made this easier. Nowadays, casinos employ elaborate surveillance systems to monitor the gaming floor. Video cameras and computers monitor all tables and doorways, which helps security personnel to prevent cheating. Casinos also install cameras in the ceiling so that surveillance personnel can focus on suspicious patrons. The video feeds of each gaming area are also recorded and analyzed later. Computer chips installed inside slots and other casino games determine the payouts of each game. The casino employs personnel to monitor these machines.

Players may change dealers if they feel their old dealer is unlucky. This may make them resentful of the casino trying to change their luck. After all, most players are superstitious, so a new dealer might be well-versed in methods to “cool” the game. The player may also feel that the casino is using a technique to cheat them out of their money. The casino’s reputation is damaged by unlucky players, so the player should take extra caution in choosing the time of day to visit.