What is a Slot?

February 22, 2023 by No Comments

A Slot is an opening of any size or shape. It may be a notch, depression, groove, slit, or aperture.

A slot can also be a position or job opening. For example, a chief copy editor is assigned an interior slot at his copy desk. Similarly, a slot is a small area in the front of an airplane wing that authorizes a pilot to take off and land.

In linguistics, a slot can refer to a particular grammatical function or to a sequence in an organization or hierarchy. It can also be a slot in a microcomputer or an animal’s trail.

The term “slot” is also a common idiomatic expression, derived from the word “slot machine.” This article will discuss what a slot is and how to use it properly in your sentences and games.

Creating Slots in Figma

If you’re designing a web or app that includes slot content, you should create a slot component. This component is similar to the content types you already use in Figma and includes a placeholder, resizing property, and additional description.

Slot Taxonomy in Architect

Creating a slot in Architect can be done by following either the relation-element view or the slot-argument view of taxonomy. The relation-element view promotes reuse of knowledge, while the slot-argument view parallels nonslot taxonomy.

If you want to delete a slot that has multiple synonyms, hover over the slot and click the X. Alternatively, you can edit the slot’s information in the Slot menu and remove any synonyms that don’t correspond to your intent.